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CloniZER Alpha, an All-in-One apparatus, conceived ergonomically for ease of use with integrated peripherals that a user would have to install separately. CloniZER is a Ready to Buy, Ready to Go and Ready to Use Work and Leisure station.


  The Proprietary "General Self Administration" (GSA) module is ideally suited for novice users, individuals that require work station in their own language, upcoming successful individuals that need to enter the digital environment without the hassle of an elaborate learning process as well as professionals on the move that require to take with them an apparatus containing an All-in-One integrated Work and Leisure station.   The "General Self Administration" module is an easy to use, adaptable software package which answers the most common needs of computer users. The GSA module is a fully integrated application with access to all functions with one click of the mouse or by voice command.colonizer monitor back

Monitor 15" TFT LCD

CPU Intel Pentium IV ( Full Cache )


Memory 512 MB RAM


Land Line Modem

Printer & Scanner

Internal Microphone

Wireless Keyboard + Trackball

Web Cam

Graphic & Sound Card

TV & Radio Card


Optionscolonizer general

Wireless LAN

Bluetooth Adaptor

HDD 160 GB

Memory 1 GB RAM

GSM Modem

Optical Mouse


Specifications of the latest high quality compatible hardware available in the market have been chosen for CloniZER® to provide the best and most reliable up-to-date Work and Leisure station to CloniZER®'s owners. (Options and Upgrades are also available)colonizer front



  The proprietary "General Self Administration" (GSA) module is a software package which answers the most common needs of computer users. CloniZER initially opens with a GSA screen where all the user’s needs are shown as images; each of them will open with One-Click on it. "One Screen, One Click" to all functions. These needs are as follows:

colonizer softwareDigital Office Needs

  Writing letters, faxes or other messages by typing with   the wireless keyboard or through voice dictation.

Address book and calendar


Possibility of listening to the messages by CloniZER®'s digital voice

Ability of translation from English to user’s own language i.e.: Farsi and digital voice reading it

Communication tools: Telephony, IP Telephony, IP Fax and mobile communication (SIM Card)

Answering machine and recording voice messages

Scheduling send and receive of the message

Video conferencing , Worldwide internet access , Ease of search on the internet , Reception of internet text and listening to it through digital voice , Translation of web pages from English into Farsi and listening to them


Leisure facilities

Capability of taking pictures, videos and recording voice Creation and organization of photo, video and audio in albums and files Listening and viewing radio and TV programs as well as recording them colonizer faciliatesAccess to Internet newspapers Video Games  




Digital Clone WCP offers the most comprehensive services such as global Internet access, Email address, web site space, IP faxing, IP telephony, CloniZER Application (ASP, Virtual CloniZER), and a data bank of useful local information such as local telephone and fax numbers, currency rate of exchange and much more. Services are billed in one single invoice as per user’s consumption. The user will be notified periodically of their on-going costs and the many services provided by CloniZER through his personal account in the Digital Clone club membership.To provide those services required in CloniZER Application to its worldwide subscribers, a collective, congregated, global ASP/ISP/Gateway, named WCP (World Communication Provider) is provided automatically with the purchase of CloniZER.Digital Clone WCP comprises: RAS Server, Voice Card, E-Mail Server, Web Server, Data Base server, Router, Hub, Converter Module, Communications Module and other resources.  



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