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Become A True 'Lady Killer' And Learn The Art Of Modern Day Seduction

Why are some guys so successful at making women fall in love?

Why do some men have numerous girlfriends while others remain sexless outcasts until they die?

Why live LIFE like that? Sexless. No respect. No love or affection from women...

If you have to work for everything else in life, what makes you think you don't have to work at attracting women?

Imagine for a moment, going home from a date to find numerous messages waiting for you on your answering machine from other women that you're also dating. Imagine women stalking you...

It's no secret that some guys live life like this. You can probably name at least two whom you know of...

The "secret" is what makes these guys such a big hit with women.

How often has this happened to you? There you are... sitting at home while all your buddies enjoy a hot night out on the town with their girlfriends... You bust your butt at work all week just in time for a couple of fast food dinners and some videos for the weekend.

Or, you go ahead and drag yourself to the closest meat market bar... Watching... Waiting... and then of course, going home alone. How many times have you sat in that bar working your nerve up to talk to a beautiful woman only to have some other dude beat you to the punch?

You can't even count the times that you've sat there with your sights set on one particular girl when BAM! Some guy... Some idiot... goes up to your girl, gets her to dance and that's it... They split together.

Start filling up your little black book...It's easy to attract women when you know how!

My name is Erik Creed and what I just outlined to you above used to happen to me all the time. Notice I said "used to." That's right... Now my little black books (I have three) are full of names, telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of beautiful women. How did they get so full? Glad you asked! Well, to be honest, I woke up one day (alone) and decided to change my life!

I mean hell... I am a reasonably intelligent guy. I work and go to college. I get good grades. I'm in decent shape. I decided that I was no longer going to sit around and WAIT for a girl to come into my life. I finally realized that if I did sit around and wait, not only would a girl not fall into my lap, but even if one did... The chances of her being my dream girl would be slim to none.

 The research begins...

Research? You bet! I figured that research and studying helped me to get good grades, so why not an awesome girl? I'm not talking about buying those stupid books and tapes that tell you how to pick up a woman and go to bed with her... Just about anyone can get a one night stand if they hang around a bar long enough... No, I wanted something much more than a one night stand. I wanted a relationship... No, I wanted several relationships.

Am I against having only ONE girlfriend? Absolutely not. But again, the chances of meeting the girl of your dreams the first time out is a million-to-one-shot! I figured that I would definitely have to go through several relationships to eventually meet my one and only dream girl. So with pen and notebook in hand, I was off!

Walking around the city where I live, I watched and observed... Beautiful women were EVERYWHERE! I'm not kidding! They were at the gas station. They were at the bookstore. They were running. They were walking. You name it, beautiful women were everywhere and doing everything! Why had I not noticed this before?

Hangin' out...

I began entering into these different establishments with my pen and notebook. I was scared, but at the same time I just knew that I was about to learn the secrets of attracting women. Again, I watched... I listened... and you know what? A few times, I even got picked up myself!

I refined my list of establishments to the places I saw the most women frequent... After several weeks, I started seeing some familiar faces. Some men of course... But lots of women! I felt like I was undercover... I watched guys approach women. I watched women approach guys. I listened to the introduction lines that made women melt like butter... I watched in complete amazement as women not only handed over their telephone number and email address, but OFFERED them as well!

I took notes like a madman! Boy was I having fun! Then one day, a very beautiful woman approached me... I mean she made your skin tingle when she looked at you. She came up to me at one of the places I was hanging out at and asked me why I was always hanging around with my notebook! Oops! Not wanting to reveal my own inadequacies for attracting women, I told her I was writing an article for a magazine. She perked up and asked, "What about?" --I told her that the article was about how and where men are meeting women these days. Well, I've got to tell you... Sandy was impressed. I on the other hand, was scared to death!

Secrets revealed at dinner...

That's right... Sandy insisted that we go to dinner so she could fill in the rest of the material for my article. Did I mention that Sandy was gorgeous? A couple of hours later with notebook in hand... There I was... having dinner with the most beautiful woman in the restaurant and she was revealing the secrets that attracted women to men!

Surprisingly enough, our conversation was totally serious. She looked at my notes and expounded on every entry. I pulled out my tape recorder and Sandy didn't miss a beat... She covered everything from casual flings to serious relationships. She revealed the little known things that turn women into jelly. We talked about how men can be total dogs and how some women actually dig that. She explained why lots of women are looking for their very own bad boy and what guys can do to attract women to the bad boy inside all of us!

We were the last ones in the restaurant and I ran out of tape... What was I ready to do? Go home of course. I hadn't learned a damn thing! It was Sandy who insisted we get some wine, go to my place and pick up where we left off...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

As we worked our way down to the second bottle of wine, I couldn't believe all the extra material I had about attracting women, but at the same time I was feeling guilty... I mean, here I was all alone with a beautiful woman. She had revealed everything about women being attracted to men... I wasn't writing an article for a magazine... No, I was trying to learn how to find my own dream girl! I FELT GUILTY!

Apparently, Sandy picked up on this and looked right into my eyes and asked, "What's wrong?" Come on guys... We've all seen the movies... Tell them the truth and they walk out the door, right? WRONG!

I looked up at Sandy and spilled the beans... I told her that I was sick and tired of being alone and decided to go out and do the research myself on how to attract women. She laughed and moved in with a kiss that I will never, ever forget.

Sandy was the first entry in my first little black book. We are still friends today. During breakfast the next morning, Sandy asked if I wanted more information... I said sure, but what about us? Again, Sandy laughed, gave me a tender peck on the cheek and said, "You're not really my type..."

Ugh... My heart sank! My self esteem disappeared, what little I had of it. "No, you were great Erik," Sandy said. "But I'm not looking for a relationship... You are." She was right of course. She went on to say what I had confirmed for myself when I started this project. I needed to meet more women... Go out with more women. See them at their best. See them at their worst. Eventually, I would meet the woman of my dreams.We'll teach you how to attract women like me!

Sandy introduced me to all of her friends. Some of these friends became entries in my little black book too. The more friends I met, the more information I recorded. I eventually added a digital video camcorder to the mix... Whoa! Does that really turn up the heat! Another 8 weeks went by and I literally had an entire book of notes written and hours upon hours of audio and video tape on how men can attract women.



At first, I actually did think of writing an article since I had so much information... I tossed that idea out because I had WAY TOO MUCH material. Then I figured, no, a book would be much better! After all, I definitely had enough information on how to attract women to fill a book. But it was Sandy who suggested that I transfer all my material on how to attract women to a web site. That way I could keep adding information as I learn more.


The web site is launched...

Come to find out... Sandy has her own web site where she reveals other things. She came over just about every day and helped me build this web site. The great thing about Sandy helping me out was that she was able to expand more and more on the material as we progressed. When questions came up, we called her friends that are now my friends. We refined the material down to the most important aspects of men attracting women. This is the information that is up right now. Enough information to get even the loneliest guy into the trenches and attracting women almost immediately!

It doesn't matter if you're shy... It doesn't matter if you're smart. It doesn't matter if you're good looking. Women are not like men! They look past the obvious crap, right into our souls! Chances are, that your true soul is just bursting to get out and be with a woman that can appreciate you. We'll show you how. How do we know this material works?

Glad you asked! Sandy and I went to some of my own friends with the material up on the web site... Guys who, like me... Are always home alone during the weekend and special occasions. It's almost as if we're all part of some gigantic club!


I never thought I would write a testimonial about this kind of thing, but here it is: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Erik, you found the pot of gold! Thanks for sharing.  
--Joey C. San Diego, CA

Not only did my friends successfully attract women, but some of have already found their own dream girl! Sandy was right... Any guy can bring out their true inner being as long as they know how...

Sandy and I have solutions for every guy out there on how to attract women. Again, we're not trying to show you how to seduce women for one night. We're not trying to turn you into a dating expert. Even most womanizers eventually tire of meaningless relationships. This is information on how to attract women to YOU. Based on who you are and the experiences you've been through.

No, you won't have to lie about yourself... You won't have to go out and buy new clothes or take out a loan to entertain the ladies. This information goes deeper... To the core of what fascinates women about men. Why they want to be with you. Why they won't care how successful you are and what kind of car you drive...


Erik, now we know where you were during all those months! Seriously, Bro, thanks a million. I would have never found Christy if it had not been for you and Sandy.
 --Paul N. El Cajon, CA

Learn how to take all those head games to the next level... That's right, head games! Find out which head games to exploit and which ones to stay away from. No confidence? No problem! To learn how to swim, you have to jump in the pool, right? Same goes when you try to attract women! The first step is always the hardest. We'll give you that. You might NOT be able to take this information and implement it TODAY because your confidence level is low... That's okay!

Knowledge is power! Feel your confidence inflating your soul as you chart your way through our member's only site. You won't be learning clich√© one-liners. That's not what we recommend to anyone. If you want to be a womanizer, you're at the wrong site. However, if you want to learn how to attract women, start a relationship, become friends and lovers, then you are at the right site!  

90 day attract women guarantee!Attract women today!

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