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Make Money on eBay Auctions

There have been many books written and systems developed for profiting on eBay auctions.  We've weeded through and selected four of the best.  While we think that $10,000/month profits is on the high end, some people do make this kind of cash and more on eBay.  In any case, eBay represents a great entrepreneurial opportunity.

Best Suited For
Anyone who likes to spend time online and enjoys online auctions.  Even those who haven't tried eBay may find the thrill of selling for profit online irresistible.

Like other online job opportunities, making money in online auctions requires persistence and determination.  Beyond that you'll need to know the proven strategies and techniques that have made people a lot of money on eBay in order to make the most money possible.  The e-Books reviewed below are the best we have found from the many written on eBay success.


shopping jobs hereSale Hoo

Want The BEST Wholesale Sources at up to 90% off Retail to Compete with the Top Sellers on eBay and Make HUGE Profits of over $10,865 per week!?

Site Comments: Well done. This is where you can find deeply discounted products to sell for a profit on eBay.

Popularity/Satisfaction :Very High /Very High

Additional Comments :

The most thorough and up to date wholesale directory we've found. Great prices and "if we don't have it we'll find it" policy.  Includes 5 free bonuses.

Current Rating :9.7/10     Best    *****

site link: salehoo




Express profits online

How I Made Up To $11,212.00 A Month On eBay—And How You Can Too

Site Comments: Gives a realistic viewpoint of what you can make and the effort required.

Popularity/Satisfaction :Very High /Very High

Additional Comments :Down to earth guide to success on eBay from a former dental hygienist who turned an interest in eBay into a business making more than $11,000 monthly.

Current Rating :9.7/10   Best   *****

site link:expressprofitsonline:




silent sales machine

Site Comments: Provides a short introductory page so you can see if you're interested and then provides all the details.

Popularity/Satisfaction :

             Very High/ High

Additional Comments :This is a top selling guide for success on eBay and for good reason.   We especially like the ideas for creating passive income streams.

Current Rating :9.5/10     better   ****

site link: silentsalesmachine




Free Auction Profits

Site Comments: Nice, clean layout.  Clearly spells out the features and benefits.

 Popularity/Satisfaction :


Additional Comments :Straightforward advice from another highly successful eBay entrepreneur.  Not nearly as much content as our top choices.

Current Rating :8.3/10     good    ***

site link: FreeAuctionProfits


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