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How to Make 20 Dollars Per Day on the Net
by: Joaquin de la Sierra

A nice goal to reach is the 20 dollar mark. I breached that about six months ago, and let me tell you something: The hardest part is to reach 20 dollars. From there it gets easier every time for a very mysterious reason.
My strategy was to write good content ever since the beginning. If you are wondering, this website is not the one which brought me that glorious revenue - it happened from a history site!
Of course I was just learning back then and each click from that history website brings me around 20 cents - but nevertheless, I learnt that there is no limit to the revenue that one can make online.
From that history website I am making up to $50 every day now. That combined with a couple more websites I have have brought that number to the mid XXX. WOW.

That only happened in one year. Of course you can make it happen too and it's not as hard as it seems. All you need is patience and guts because if you lack either, you're getting nowhere.
Here is how to reach that dreaded $20 mark: (from the beginning)

1. Choose a niche
2. Purchase a domain name (read my previous entry for more info).
3. Write as much as possible.
4. Keep writing.
5. Write even more.
6. Place ADS in ever page.
7. Optimize.
8. Write more.
9. Repeat everything (that's right purchase another domain name).

This will lead you to success believe it or not.


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