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Paid Surveys, How You Can Make Top Dollar!
by: Holcy Thompson

Paid Surveys Do you know that you no longer have to pay survey sites in order to make a little extra cash. Well, its true, there are a number of survey sites that will allow you to sign up and make money for free. Paid surveys are good for everyone, but they are really good for stay at home mom, college students who are looking for extra cash to pay for tuition or books, and hobbies.

How much can you make?

The amount of money you can earn depends on the paid surveys and the amount of paid surveys you participate in. Some surveys pay $2-$20 per survey and others pay $10-$100 per survey. Some surveys sites make you take a pre survey to see if you qualify for the big survey.  For example, if you were to take a number of surveys, you would earn points, and when you accumulate enough points you can convert it to cash. The best way to make good money with paid surveys is to sign up with as many paid surveys as possible. In less than a month you will receive more surveys than you can handle. The more surveys that you participate in, the more paid surveys you will receive.

Why would people pay you for your opinion?

Easy, when a new product is produced, big companies want to know how this product would sell before it hit's the market place. So they put out surveys for you and I to participate in and give our opinion on the product. These companies are willing to pay big money for people's opinions on these products.

What type of surveys are there?

There are all types of paid surveys. The ones that I am familiar with are the surveys on products and TV. ads. I have taken surveys on beer commercials and new television series that are now out in the market place. I even had product such as food sent to my home for me to eat and give an opinion on the taste.

Why take paid surveys?

Because it is at great way to make extra cash and to see what new products are coming to the market place.



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