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Pay-per-click (PPC) search engines have enabled many entrepreneurs to profit handsomely, particularly in the last year.  Of the PPC search engines, Google Adwords is the best of the bunch.  The offerings reviewed here represent four of the best available for profiting from the Google online marketing revolution.
Bottom Line
Whether or not you're new to Internet marketing, these offerings are very useful.  The challenge is getting started and each of the offerings we review will help you to do just that.  If you're already a Web pro, getting just one or two tips from any of these will make your small investment well worth it. While all are worth obtaining, "The Rich Jerk" stands out for its shocking, entertaining way of unveiling some truly amazing secrets for making money online with pay-per-click, especially Google Adwords.

Income Earning Potential
The sky's the limit if you market the right product the right way.  It is possible to make over $1,000 daily by advertising on pay-per-click search engines and you don't even need a website.  Realistically you won't make this much, especially at the beginning, but increasingly people do make a very nice income from it. 




the rich jerkthe rich jerk

Site Comments :Written in an obnoxious yet entertaining style.
A great read. Includes actual earnings results. He's made $13 million in 6 years!

Popularity/Satisfaction :Very High /High

Additional Comments :Our new top choice.
Every once in a while an incredibly useful offering comes around. Great for beginners or Web veterans. Fun to read AND highly useful - a rare combination.

Current Rating :9.8 / 10     Best    *****





Google cash

Site Comments :Good explanation and plenty of testimonials. Lots of positive feedback on discussion boards about this one, too.

Popularity/Satisfaction :Very High /High

Additional Comments :Useful for beginners and can also teach experienced Web marketers a few tricks, too.  Includes a new 2005 special bonus report and 24 online videos.

Current Rating :9.4 / 10   Better   ****

site link:




Adwords Secret

Site Comments :After an entry page, provides ample product information along with testimonials, About Us, and more.

Popularity/Satisfaction :

Moderate /Moderate to High

Additional Comments :This new eBook, optimized for 2005, provides critical details on actual campaigns and how to set them up for greatest return.

Current Rating :8.6 / 10     good   ***

site link:




Page Zero Media

Site Comments :Very businesslike approach, great testimonials from some respected Web entrepreneurs.

Popularity/Satisfaction :Moderate /Not Rated

Additional Comments :A different angle than GoogleCash.  Not quite as much material for advanced marketers as Google Cash, but some very valuable advice here anyway.

Current Rating :8.1 / 10         **

site link: 


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