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Make Money by Selling T-Shirts From Home

by: Joaquin de la Sierra

It is entirely possible to make a decent amount of money by selling t-shirts from your already established website.
This should only be used by entertainment websites with a good established user base - websites relying on search engine traffic will find this much harder for obvious reasons.

If you want to make money by selling t-shirts, first you need a website generating a high amount of traffic. This traffic should be from people looking mainly for entertainment as they are the most common and cheaper traffic available.

If you don't have a website now, you should make one based in t-shirts themselves. Make them unique and appealing somehow - after you have some very good t-shirts that will definitely grab attention, I suggest you go to Adwords and find some good keywords. Make those keywords stand from the rest by having a catchy name.

Don't just limit yourself to adwords, though. Advertise wherever you can - including particular websites, Adwords, Overture, Casale Media, etc. Try everything and advertise to as many people as you can.
Then you should make an affiliate program. Advertise the affiliate program itself in Adwords too to get some good affiliates who will promote your t-shirts. Give them a good starting price (say 30%) for them to be interested.

After a couple of months you will be selling many t-shirts per day. That is how I have seen many big t-shirts sellers take off.

Remember that the t-shirt business online will only grow in the future years so take advantage now.

If you have a website now:

If you already have an entertainment website generating a decent amount of revenue, I suggest you make t-shirts based on your website's theme. If it's purely about funny images, then make some t-shirts with funny images themselves! I highly recommend that you be extremely careful in only using the images you made YOURSELF as doing it otherwise might lead you to trouble.

Even if you have an already-established website, advertise wherever you can. Also never override the option of making a website based for t-shirts themselves as it might help your website look a bit more professional.



About the Author
Joaquin de la Sierra is a successful business man who focuses on helping people achieve their goals.


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