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Name brand stores and restaurants actually pay for people to shop and eat at their establishments as a form of market research.  It helps them improve their products and services.  Meanwhile it puts money in the paid shoppers pockets!

Best Suited For
If you like to shop and eat out, these jobs are for you.  As with Paid Online Surveys, you can do as much or as little as you want depending on the opportunities available and your schedule.

You'll need to budget time in your schedule to get to and from the store or mall.  Many people overlap this with personal shopping so it works out well.  These are typically for the US and Canada only, although we are seeking out shopping job opportunities in other countries.

Income Earning Potential

$10-$40/hour depending on the assignment, plus extras like free meals, free movies and prizes.




shopping jobs hereShopping Jobs Here

Site Comments:

Simple, uncluttered. Clear explanation of the opportunity. Includes testimonials.

Stated Earnings: $10-$40 hourly

Popularity/Satisfaction :Very High /Very High

Additional Comments :

Our top shopping jobs pick.  Includes nearly $75 worth of free bonus programs for earning money online. Very high satisfaction rate.

Current Rating :9.7 / 10     Best    *****





Money and Shopping

Site Comments:

Packed with great information, personal experiences and testimonials.


Stated Earnings: $10-$40 hourly

Popularity/Satisfaction :High/Moderate to High

Additional Comments :Includes free training and some nice bonuses. Offers live help in the Member's area.

Current Rating :9.3 / 10   Better   ****

site link:




Shopping Jobs

Site Comments:

Good discussion of the types of stores and restaurants that will pay you to shop and eat out. Includes testimonials.

Stated Earnings: $10-$40 hourly

Popularity/Satisfaction :

 Moderate /Moderate to High

Additional Comments :Includes a bonus free vacation certificate.  Similar to our top pick but not as popular and a lower satisfaction rate.

Current Rating :9.1 / 10     good   ***

site link:




Dollar Frog

Site Comments:

Straightforward and well laid out.

Stated Earnings: $10-$40 hourly

Popularity/Satisfaction :

               Moderate/Low to Moderate

Additional Comments :Includes an online surveys database. Far lower satisfaction rate than our top picks.

Current Rating :8.7 / 10         **

site link:


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