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 (September 2007)


Shuttle XPC SP35P2 Pro

As well as having room for speedy processors, there are four sockets to accommodate up to a total of eight GB of dual channel mode DDR2-800 RAM. The four SATA2 (with RAID functions) and two external eSATA ports provide for almost limitless hard disk space, and a new mini card slot supports Intel Turbo Memory (Robson) and its faster system boots and application loadings.

This aluminium SFF PC, through its integrated PCI Express X16 slot, supplies all the bandwidth necessary to accommodate the quickest graphics cards and, thereby, run professional graphics applications and complex 3D games.

“The Shuttle XPC Barebone SP35P2 Pro slots seamlessly into Shuttle’s team of exceptionally high performance small form factor PCs,” explains Tom Seiffert, Head of Marketing & PR at Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH. “With the ending ‘PRO’ comes a SFF PC barebone offering a rich equipment package previously not featured in the high performance segment of our product range.”

A fingerprint scanner ensures greater system protection, and system information is easily viewed via the front panel display. There is also the Speed-Link function allowing for the direct transfer of data between two PCs via USB cable, and rapid network connections, at gigabit speed, are achieved through an integrated network chip.

The optimal ICE2 Heatpipe cooling system is, for the first time in this model, expanded to the Northbridge, Southbridge and MOSFET modules, and a separate OASIS Heatpipe cooling system also improves the thermal properties of the most important components.

A particularly efficient, 80 PLUS certified 400-Watt power supply takes care of this black powerhouse, without compromising its performance, and solid capacitors guarantee a longer life for the entire main board.

 * Special Pro Features
Fingerprint recognition technology
Speed-Link - easily connect 2 PCs via USB and share data
* Chassis
P2-type aluminum chassis, color: black
storage bays: 1 x 5.25", 3 x 3.5" (2 internal)
stealthed drive doors
dimensions: 32.5 x 22 x 21 cm (LWH)
weight: 4.2 kg net / 6.0 kg gross
* Mainboard
Shuttle FP35, Shuttle form factor, proprietary design for XPC SP35P2 Pro
Chipset: Intel P35 Express (MCH, codename: Bearlake-X) + ICH9R (I/O Conroller Hub)
Solid Capacitors for excellent heat resistance for enhanced system durability
Color slots/connectors design (Power switch, USB, PCIe, PCI)
Dimensions: 20.5 x 28 cm
* Power supply
400 Watt ATX mini PSU, AC input voltage: 100~240V
80 PLUS® certified (80% or greater energy-efficient)
Dimensions: 85(W) x 83(H) x150(D) mm
Connectors: 2x3 pin (CPU power), 2x4 pin (mainboard power)
Active PFC circuit (Power Factor Correction)
* Processor support
Socket 775 supports Single, Dual and Quad Core processors from Intel
with Core technology and 800, 1066 or 1333MHz front side bus:
Supports Core 2 Quad QX6xxx, Core 2 Duo 6xxx/4xxx,
Pentium Dual-Core E2xxx, Celeron 4xx
Designed for the upcoming Intel 45nm Core 2 multi-core processors
Supports Pentium 4/D processors at 800MHz FSB.
Processors with 533MHz FSB are not supported.
Please refer the support list for detailed processor support information.
* Overclocking
CPU frequency, CPU voltage, RAM frequency, RAM voltage
Dynamic Overclock feature:
Easily overclock from 3/5/7/10/15/20% through the BIOS.
* Processor cooling
New Shuttle I.C.E. heat-pipe module (Integrated Cooling Engine)
SilentX Cooling and Noise Reduction Technology
advanced Heatpipe technology, linear fan control.
3 independent cooling areas.
OASIS Cooling Technology: additional fanless heat-pipe design
covering the MOSFET modules (VRM), north- and southbridge
* Memory support
4 x 240 pin slots, supports Dual Channel
supports DDR2-667/800 SDRAM memory
(DDR2-1066 in overclocking mode*)
max. 2 GB per DIMM, up to a total size of 8 GB
* Slots
1x PCI-Express x16 Steckplatz
Supports Dual-slot (double-width) graphics cards
1x PCI 32 bit slot
* 8-channel audio
7.1 channel High Definition Audio with Realtek ALC888 codec
analog: line-out (8-ch), line-in, microphone, CD-in, AUX
digital: optical S/PDIF-in, optical and coaxial S/PDIF-out
* LAN Controller
Marvell 88E8056 Ethernet network controller
With PCI Express interface
IEEE 802.3u 1000Base-T compliant
Supports 10 / 100 / 1.000 MBit/s opteration
Supports Wake-on-LAN
* Firewire Controller
IEEE1394 Firewire controller TI TSB43AB22A
Complies with 1394 OHCI specification revision 1.0
2 Firewire connectors (front and rear)
Supports 400Mb/s, 200Mb/s, 100Mb/s data transfer rate
* Drive connectors
Serial-ATA II, 3 Gb/s (300 MB/s) bandwidth
4x internal (SATA) plus 2x external (eSATA)
Intel Matrix Storage Technology enabled striping and mirroring
Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 and JBOD on just two or three hard disk drives
Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
1x IDE ATA 100 drives (JMicron JMB368 Controller)
1x floppy disk drive
* Front Panel connectors
Headphone (Line-out)
2x USB 2.0
Firewire (Mini 4 pin connector)
Speed-Link button
Fingerprint recognition
Power button
Reset button
Power indicator (blue LED)
HDD indicator (orange LED)
* Back Panel connectors
6x USB 2.0
Firewire (6 pin)
GigaBit LAN (RJ45)
2x External Serial ATA Hotplug (eSATA)
8-ch Audio line-out (2x rear/front, bass/center, surround/back)
Digital Audio S/PDIF: optical in/out, coaxial out
Audio Line-in
Clear CMOS button
Wireless LAN Antenna
* Other connectors
4x USB 2.0 (two sets with 2x5 pins)
4x fan connectors (3x 4 pins, 1x 3 pins)
Headers for PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard
* Accessories
XPC Installation Guide
XPC 32/64bit Driver CDROM for Windows XP/Vista
Data cables: 1x floppy, 1x PATA, 2x SATA (PATA/SATA preinstalled)
Power Cord
Screws, Heatsink Compound
* Conformity
This device is classed as a technical information
equipment (ITE) in class B and is intended for use in
living room and office. The CE-mark approves the
conformity by the EU-guidelines:
- EMV-guideline 89/336/EWG electromagnetic tolerance
- LVD-guideline 73/23/EWG use of electric devices
within certain voltage-limits

Pricing is set at €391 (ex. VAT) which would make it about £320 (inc. VAT) when it launches in October.

Link: Shuttle XPC SP35P2 Pro

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