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(September 2006)


USB Powered Roll Up Piano

I can't say that I have ever sat in front of my computer wishing I had a piano I could hook up to it. However, if you have now there is an easy to store roll up piano available that is completely USB powered.

You can activate each of the 49 keys at the same time and they are all velocity-sensitive. You get eight percussion instrument and 120 non percussion instrument sounds along with six tones and 100 pre recorded rhythms. The tempo is adjustable from 40 to 208 beats and tone effects such as Vibrato and Portamento are available too.

The roll up piano measures in at 76 x 16 x 0.5 cm and weighs 636gm. Price is set at $45 and it is available now. Throw in a LightSnake and a friend on guitar and you have the makings of your own Jazz band.


Reference: everythingusb



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