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(February 2007)

Samsung Bordo LCD

Samsung Electronics which holds the record for selling more than a million sets of their Bordo LCD TV’s in the shortest time has launched 32-inch and 40-inch 2007 Bordo LCD TVs. The concept of the new design of the 2007 Bordo LCD TVs which is sure to attract the admiration of worldwide customers is “Beauty”. The products imitate in a stylish way an image of wineglass through the use of a soft and transparent bezel design in the lower part. Breathtaking clarity, stunningly vibrant colors, rich acoustical depth, and seamless multimedia integration make Samsung Bordo LCD TV a leader in LCD TV technology. In addition, the front, frame and rear parts of the LCD TVs are high-glossy coating treated, bringing up the image of black pearl coating, coupled with a soft touch-based control button of a shiny jewelry-like detailed design, maximizes the beauty of TV.

The thrill of optimized game mode; true-to-life surround sound; and sharp definition of even fast-moving images etc makes Samsung Bordo LCD TV’s a class of its own.

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