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(August 2006)Concept Cell Phones of the Future

Clamshells and candy bars be gone. Tomorrow's cell phones may bear little resemblance to the snap-open handsets or even the sleek, flat rectangular phones we sport today.

Visionaries from design firm Pilotfish and sensor maker Synaptics have created a phone that has no buttons. It's operated with gestures. Designer Manon Maneenawa has built a phone that can be converted into an alarm clock or a wrist watch. Sweden's GoldVish just began selling a phone for $1.26 million that features diamonds and a secret compartment.

 GoldVish Cellphone Concept A Phone's Best Friend
Designer: GoldVish
Model: Piece Unique
Price: $1.26 million
Availability: U.S., end of 2006

Emmanuel Gueit, whose credits include items for jeweler Harry Winston, designed this mobile phone made of solid gold and featuring 120 carats of diamonds. Pushing on one of the precious stones unlocks a secret compartment that can be used for carrying medicine or jewels.

Talk & Roll Cellphone Concept

Talk & Roll
Designer: Philips

Model: Readius
Price: Not available
Availability: Not available

This cell phone display from Philips uses electronic ink and can be viewed in broad daylight. Still in prototype stage, this device is ideal for watching movies on your mobile. When it's not in use, it can be rolled around your phone for added convenience.

Pantech/Lunar Design Pivot Cellphone Concept
Pivot Point
Designer: Lunar Design, for Pantech
Model: Pivot
Price: Not available
Availability: Not available

This handset features a swiveling screen that can be set up like an easel for easy typing, say, with a keyboard attachment. If it ever gets out of the design stage, the device is sure to be a hit with mobile TV and video-conferencing junkies.


Samsung Cellphone Concept Thin Is In
Designer: Samsung
Model: The Ultra Edition (Europe)/Platinum Card Phone (Korea)
Price: Varies by country
Availability: Available in Europe and Korea starting in the second half

Even as other phone designs morph, thin will still be in. At 6.9 mm, this is one of the slimmest handsets on the market. It could even fit in your wallet. Still, it comes with a 2-megapixel camera and Bluetooth for connecting to other devices-all that, at 91.5 grams.

By Olga Kharif , Reference: businessweek



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