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(October 2006)


LG Shine LG-SV420

The LG-SV420 is part of LG's "Black Label" range, which includes the LG Chocolate, although there are many different "Chocolate" handsets in different markets. So, this Korean CDMA version of the LG Shine is called the LG-SV420, but any derivative for worldwide markets would be slightly different.

Really, the LG-SV420 is about looks rather than raw technology. It's a sleek looking slim slider, which is certainly very shiny and is nicely alliterative. The large 2.2" screen has a mirrored effect which complements the overall design. The primary control is a scroll key arrangement in the middle of the handset, plus a couple of selector buttons. The LG-SV420's keypad unslides to reveal a pretty conventional keypad with a discrete checkerboard pattern.

It does look familiar though, and there's more than a passing resemblance to the Motorola RIZR complete with a RAZR-style step at the bottom, but it's a far more polished (ahem) design that gives the LG Shine an edge over the competition.

Underneath, the LG-SV420 is decent enough but not all that exceptional, with a 240x320 pixel display, 2 megapixel camera with flash, 1Gb of memory, an MP3 player and all the usual stuff. The LG-SV420 is an EV-DO handset (which makes it 3G), weighing in at 115 grams and measuring 94x51x14mm - which isn't too bad. Talktime is around 3 hours with up to 3 days standby time. You can expect any worldwide version of the LG Shine to be similarly specified.

LG Shine SV420

As with the Chocolate, the LG Shine is a fairly standard handset with a sprinkling of special features.. but one that looks fantastic. Given that the Chocolate has been a huge sales success in Europe, it's quite likely that any version of the LG Shine would be equally successful, and will be hotly anticipated.

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