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(January 2007)


Sanyo M1

Sprint today announced the full-channel availability of the Sanyo M1, Sprint's first phone with 1GB of internal memory. Able to offer storage for up to 16 hours of music and other multimedia files including pictures, video clips and voice recording, the M1 also provides quick and easy access to Sprint-exclusive content, including:

- Sprint Music Store, which allows users to browse and wirelessly download full-length songs directly to their phone

- Sprint TV with more than 50 channels of television and on-demand video and audio including more than 20 channels offering live content

- NFL Mobile, a Sprint-exclusive wireless application that brings fans access to same-day video highlights, customizable real-time statistics, scores, injury reports and other information updated every two seconds

- Sprint Movies, the first "pay-per-view" service for mobile phones in the U.S. that streams full-length movies, including recent box-office hits and timeless favorites from Buena Vista VOD, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Universal Pictures

- Sprint Power View, the industry's first made-for-mobile sports and entertainment video programming network

The M1's advanced power management offers up to 18 hours of continuous music-playing time to support extended use of the multimedia capabilities. Additional key features include stereo Bluetooth wireless technology, a 2.0-megapixel camera with auto-focus, nine equalizer settings for fine-tuning the listening experience, and background music mode for listening to music while checking email, surfing the Web or sending text messages. The M1 also has external controls and large external LCD for optimal usability.

The Sanyo M1 is available through all Sprint retail channels for a suggested retail price of $349.99 or $199.99 with a two-year subscriber agreement.


Sanyo M1 Features

* Sprint Music Store provides over-the-air downloads of high-quality full songs (MP3 and AAC / AAC+ digital files)
* Sprint TV offers more than 50 channels including live television
* 1.0 GB internal memory capacity (Stores up to 16 hours of music, or a combination of music, photos, videos, and voice recording)
* Advanced power management enables up to 16 hours of music playing
* 2.0-megapixel camera and camcorder with autofocus and flash
* Background music mode allows music play while checking email, surfing the web or sending text messages
* On Demand news, sports, weather and entertainment content
* Enhanced gaming experience with 3D Graphics
* Pre-loaded with Sprint's exclusive NFL Mobile application
* Stream music to your phone with Music Choice, Sirius Music and others
* External navigation control allows easy access to music features
* External dual 15 mm stereo speakers for stereo music playback and speakerphone
* Sprint PCS Ready Link for quick walkie-talkie-style communication
* Bluetooth enabled
* GPS enabled

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