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Eco-Friendly Australian Concept

Part of the Monash University Art Design Faculty "Forecast Motors" exhibit at the Melbourne International Motor Show and a winner at the Dyson national student awards, 'Skipee' is the eco-friendly brainchild of Australian design student Dimitrios Scoutas.

Created to appeal to those who wouldn't normally use a motorcycle, the futuristic concept is constructed from predominantly recycled materials and powered an electric engine housed in the rear wheel.

The three-wheel design promotes stability in cornering and each front wheel is fitted with a headlight to make the vehicle appear like a small car to other road users.


Other design highlights from Forecast Motors include:


- Shuttle Express public transport vehicle (Michael Buffington)

- Tribe, an economical, practical, low-cost vehicle with flat floors and removeable or interchangeable seats designed for use in the Third World. (Joseph Rudolph)

- Urban Assault Vehicle designed to carry leisure vehicles for extreme sports (Brendan Carroll)

- Triad 2-seater sports car (Paul McLaggans)

- Urban transport vehicle equipped with windscreen that converts into a huge video screen when the car is parked.



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