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» Ferrari Segway PT i2 Limited Edition

(October 2007)

Ferrari Segway PT i2

Ferrari is well-known in the tech world because of the ACER Ferrari notebooks among other products, but the latest addition to their big catalog is a Segway.

The special and limited version of the Segway is going to be called Ferrari Segway i2 Personal Transporter. Besides the new red color, the handlebar made of leather, and the Scuderia Ferrari logo which is located on the base, there are no other differences when comparing to other Segways. It doesn't go any faster if that is what you were thinking, but it will be more expensive than the normal ones.

The Ferrari workers are used to the Segway since they've been using it as a transportation device at the Maranello factory, so knowing that one battery charge is enough for 40Km, always brings a smile to their faces.


Link: Ferrari Segway PT i2

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