MSI Wind Top AE2420 3D Multitouch

MSI announced the Wind Top AE2420 3D which is one of the world’s first multitouch Full HD 3D All-in-One PC. Wind Top AE2420 is powered by an Intel Core i5/i7 processor for enhanced performance, an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 discrete graphics chip that supports DirectX 11, a 24-inch Full HD multitouch display.

This all-in-one PC also supports MSI’s Premium Sound technology, full range 5W left and right channel Hi-Fi speakers, a 10W subwoofer, the Hollywood grade THX TruStudio Pro surround sound technology, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Microsoft Windows 7 OS.

Additionally, the Wind Top AE2420 3D is housed in an all-new stylish exterior design. Its transparent exterior frame softens the presence of the large screen display while producing a transparent visual effect. No word on pricing at this time.

Via: msitechfresh

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