Corsair Flash Padlock II 8GB Secure Flash Drive

It doesn’t seem all that long ago when Corsair first unveiled their Padlock USB secure flash drive, a secure drive with a nifty keypad to unlock the storage by PIN code without the need for platform-specific software. Too bad the security was bypassed in less than a year by a group of dutch engineers armed with a simple 10K resistor.

Corsair’s not one to take such humiliation lightly, however, and has jumped back into the game with the Flash Padlock 2, now backed by 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Better still, the Padlock 2 is now housed in the same rubber casing as the ever-durable Flash Voyager, meaning it’s practically begging to withstand much more than its fair share of flagrant abuse. So how did this new contender fare in the hands of a crazed reviewer? Read on to find out…

Review Verdict

* Though the Padlock 2 isn’t certified for holding classified government information, it does a damn fine job of securing sensitive data for individuals and small businesses alike when extras such as remote management and automated destruction aren’t necessary.

The Good & Bad

* Hardware 256-bit AES encryption
* Platform-independent
* Works on all OSes with flash drive support
* Secondary “master PIN” for parents and sysadmins
* Cool-down period after 5 invalid PIN entries
* Durable rubber housing
* Moderate transfer speeds
* Epoxy covers drive components
* Blocks adjacent USB ports
* Only available in 8GB
* Not FIPS 140-2 validated
* No remote management or automated self-destruct sequence
* Subjection to laundry day may require dissection

Essential Specs & Stats

* Interface(s): Hi-Speed USB
* Capacity: 8GB
* Read transfer speed: Up to 17MB/s
* Write transfer speed: Up to 8.5MB/s
* Encryption method: 256-bit AES
* Extra(s): PIN keypad protection
* Bundled software: None
* Supported platform(s): All USB MSC-compliant platforms
* Warranty: Ten years
* Released date: March 2010

Package Content

* Corsair Padlock 2 8GB secure flash drive
* Lanyard
* USB extension cable
* Quick start guide

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