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(October 2006)


Actual Window Minimizer is an innovative desktop space saving and organization software that allows minimizing any window to task tray notification area or to the edge of the screen.


Actual Window Minimizer handles all standard application windows making it easy to organize uncluttered desktop space for convenient working. An average system running Actual Window Minimizer is much easier to use thanks to ergonomics concepts utilized in this software.

Actual Window Minimizer is intended both for home and corporate users who would like to get a better view of desktop by using alternative windows minimization method rather then using traditional ways of placing minimized windows on the Taskbar. Due to the fact that application icons are in most cases self-explanatory it is often enough to minimize inactive windows to task tray area or to the edge of the screen without having to display additional textual description. However, hovering mouse cursor over minimized window icon provides such information, making it easy to master such alternative minimization technique both for advanced and newbie computer users.

Actual Window Minimizer is a truly convenient alternative window minimizing tool that is easy to use for everyone who can click a mouse button. Keeping desktop clean means less distraction, which in turn means steadier operation and healthier computing experiences!


Minimize to Tray:

Actual Window Minimizer lets you minimize any application to a small icon in the System Tray.

Minimize to Edge:

Actual Window Minimizer lets you minimize any application to a small icon to any Screen Edge.

Minimize Window When it is Launched:

You may define what programs will be automatically minimized to tray or to screen edge when they are launched.
Minimize Window When it is Deactivated:
You may define what programs will be automatically minimized to tray or to screen edge when you don't use them.

Minimize to Tray title button:

The 'Minimize to Tray' button is may be placed in a window title bar. You can minimize the program to the system tray by using the new button or minimize the program to the taskbar with a standard button Minimize.

System menu:

New item 'Minimize to Tray' is may be added to the system menu of a window.

Hotkeys support:

A keystroke Win+> minimizes the window to the system tray.

Right-click context menu:

We have simplified the program with a new right-click context menu. This new menu applies to windows that have been minimized to icons in the tray. Right-click on the icon and the new context menu will pop up to offer


you two new actions:
"Restore Window" re-opens the icon to a window.
"Close Window" closes the window immediately in its icon condition - no need to re-open the window.

Individual window settings:

You can configure every program's windows to different options, leave them that way for a while, or change the options whenever you wish! Your configuration for each window will remain set after every bootup until you change it.

Multilingual support:

Actual Window Minimizer supports English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Catalan, Turkish and Polish languages.

Possibility to improve almost each program:

Actual Window Minimizer is an ideal solution for programs such as e-mail clients (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora etc.), audio players (Windows Media Player, CD Player etc.), offline-browsers and ftp-clients, or any background processing programs.


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