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(October 2006)

Is your computer desktop getting overcrowded? Are you having difficulty quickly ac-cessing software applications? It's time for you to consider trying virtual desktop software.

Fortunately, ManageDesk, being the most robust multiple desktop software, solves the desktop clutter problem once and for all. Each virtual desktop is a distinct working environ-ment. The taskbar shows only the applications opened on the current desktop, greatly reduc-ing the clutter.

ManageDesk also includes powerful tools for increasing your productivity:

Password protection for each virtual desktop

Ability to save and restore icon sets for each desktop

Hotkeys for quick access to ManageDesk and system functions

Memory manager for dramatic improvement of system performance

Process & DLL viewer for managing all loaded applications and libraries

Automatic application launching on each desktop

Thus, ManageDesk is more than simply a virtual desktop manager. It is the style of work. Discover the real pleasure of computing with it!
Get more space for your applications

Thus ManageDesk is the clear choice for you. This compact yet very stable virtual desktop management software, offers robust operation in a lucid, friendly interface, making multitask computing a pure pleasure.

Maximize your productivity with virtual desktops

ManageDesk helps users to maximize productivity though the advanced application and desktop management, providing increased efficiency even on a single monitor by enabling multiple desktops. It enables users to quickly access any virtual desktop or window, fast transfer of windows between virtual desktops as well as the total control over applications, thus creating the ideal working enviroment.

Make computing more convenient and fast

ManageDesk uses innovative technologies that maximize processing speed, while minimizing memory consumption. Compatible with all development and office applications, it includes support for multi-monitor PC's, which makes it ideal for corporate users.

ManageDesk gives you the power to control most system functions by hotkeys, so professionals can stop using mouse for the frequent operations.


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