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(August 2007)

Box Shot 3D: Power of raytracing in your hands!
Box Shot 3D is a virtual cover renderer, based on raytracing algorithms. That means that boxshots it creates will look like they are real. Software box or e-book image is often a deciding factor for potential customer, so it has to be amazing.

Box Shot 3D renders virtual covers. Because of many tricks used, created virtual covers look photorealistic. Many potential customers will think they are real. How we do that? Answer is here.

If you want to find the best way to create virtual covers or if you think that Box Shot 3D is too expensive for you - please read this article. It will help to make right choise.

Box Shot 3D uses professional technoligies packed into easy user interface. It allows to create amazing web and print graphics with just a few mouse clicks! List of most important features of Box Shot 3D is below:

Raytracing allows to create photorealistic images and shadows. Box Shot 3D calculates millions of light rays passing from light source to the object and as a result you have image that looks like it is real.
Raytracing is usually used for special effects in movies. Box Shot 3D allows to use it to create boxshots!

Realistic Shadows
Use of raytracing leads to "real" shadows. Box Shot 3D calculate amount of light for every pixel of your image. More, Box Shot 3D calculates skylight (or atmospheric light) - light emitted by sky. That makes images look even more real.

Box Shot 3D use many tricks to do fast and efficient antialiasing. You will never see ugly edges or pixels. Everything will be as smooth as in real life.

You can fully control reflection of the floor. Level and depth of reflection are under your control. Adjust them with sliders and see the result in realtime.

Transparent background
If you want to use rendered image as a part of complex project - it is better to render it with transparent background and import to your favorite graphics editor. Box Shot 3D can do this. More, it allows to use solid colors as a background or put image there.

Different shapes
Box Shot 3D contains many different shapes that can be used for rendering: boxes, dvd- and cd-cases, screenshots, books with soft and hard cover and stacks of books. Select the shape you need, put images and press "Render"!

Quality control
Quality of rendered image can be adjusted. If you need a fast draft render for preview - set "Quality" slider to the small value and rendering will be done much more faster. If you need full production quality - set this slider to a higher value and render with maximum possible quality.

Easy to use

Really. Box Shot 3D is a one of the simplest applications of that kind. It has easy "step-by-step" system of the tabs that guide you through the process of creation of your virtual cover.
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