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(October 2006)




ImageBox is a groovy software application with a cool name. Hey, the name says it all grab your best photos or images, make own slideshow or presentation, and pack it inside an executable (.EXE) file. That's it. You can e-mail it or place on CD and give out to your friends or prospects. Think about it: would you rather get an e-mail that says "Hey Mike, the vacation on Jamaica was awesome, please see 127 photos attached" or would you prefer to get images on a CD as a slideshow? I thought so.

ImageBox does not just pack all image files into .EXE file and shows them sequentially. Quite the opposite, the program makes it possible to add your own comments, play background music and sounds, display captions and use special transition effects.

Besides, you can make a disc with your slide show and play it in a standard DVD player. You may also create a screensaver with ImageBox.

Chances are you've never made a slideshow/presentation before. Don't worry! ImageBox is a brainlessly simple tool. One of our users bought the program for his seventy six year old grandmother, and she uses it just fine (although she did send us a couple of e-mails and a Christmas card at first).
Not only slideshows are easy to make, they are also easy to customize. This means you can resize images, set own time intervals, add/edit captions and do other things that are just too numerous to list.

Supported image formats are .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .pcx, .psd, .tif, .tiff, .tga. Supported audio file formats are .mp3, .wav, .wave

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