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(October 2006)


Namo FreeMotion 2006

With Namo FreeMotion, you can create Flash movies easily and conveniently.

Namo FreeMotion provides various functions (shape designing, various text-editing tools, movie clip, button, motion tweens, guided motion tweens, mask layers, stream sounds, event sounds, etc.). Also you can bring vector format files such as AI and SVG into Namo FreeMotion and use them.

In addition, Namo FreeMotion provides a professional Action Script Editor, which includes the automatic code completion, parameter information, automatic member registration, and more.
You can also open a SWF movie, edit it, and publish it again.

Namo FreeMotion has 120 template effects to help create animations quickly and easily.

Namo FreeMotion 2006 Key Features :

Importing and editing SWF movies

Namo FreeMotion allows you to import Flash movies in both SWF and EXE (Flash Projector) formats. Freemotion is compatible with movies created with Flash v4, v5, v6 or v7, including full action support.

Scripts written in ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0 can be decompiled and displayed in the Action panel.
Besides the ability to import SWF files, Freemotion is also able to edit almost all of the elements in the imported SWF; that is, you can replace the elements in an

SWF flash movie as you wish, without an FLA file.

Exporting movies

After you import an SWF movie or create a new movie and finish editing it, you can export the movie as an SWF file or as a self-running EXE file.
Saving movies from a browser
When you install Namo FreeMotion, the Namo FlashCatcher button is added to Internet Explorer's toolbar. While you are viewing a page containing Flash, click the button or right-click the

Flash movie and select Namo SWF Catcher to get the flash movie file.
Writing scripts and editing the scripts of imported movies

Namo FreeMotion fully supports ActionScript 2.0. It also enables you to edit scripts in imported movies.

Namo FreeMotion's Professional Action Script Editor assists you by providing functions such as syntax highlighting, auto member lists, parameter information, and auto code completion.

Flash Video

You can insert and edit movies in such formats as AVI, Quick Time(*.mov), MPEG(*.mpeg), Windows Media(*.wmv), Real Media (*.rm;*.rmvb), etc. You can also preview frames of an imported video by dragging the playhead along the Timeline.

The Video Import wizard helps you edit video before importing it.

Shape Editing

Namo FreeMotion supports drawing and editing vector shapes. You can resize, reshape, rotate or skew shapes using familiar tools to create illustrations, rich text, buttons, animations, and more.

Motion Tweens

Namo FreeMotion allows you to make Motion Tweens to create movement, scaling, rotation, and skewing. You can set the tween's speed, rotation, etc. You can even tween between two different shapes.

Template Wizards

With the Album, Banner, and Navigation Button wizards, you can create such items with just a few clicks. Likewise, the Slide Show Wizard helps you make a slide show in SWF format easily and conveniently.

Built-in animated effects

To help you create professional animations and movies with ease, Namo FreeMotion provides you with a number of animated effects you can apply to your artwork. Instead of creating motions in the Timeline or writing ActionScript, you can implement cool animated effects with just a few clicks.

Customized Text

You can add text anywhere in your movie. In the Text panel, you can customize all the properties of text, such as color, font, font size, hyperlinking, etc. Furthermore, you can set different colors, font styles, or links for whole paragraphs of text.

Font Embedding

You can embed fonts into movies so that users who don't have the fonts used in your movie will still see your text as it's meant to be seen. Font embedding for both dynamic and static text is supported.

Image Exporting Quality Control

When you pick a scene in an animation and export it as a still image, you can control the quality of the image. This function is useful when you have to adjust the loading speed of the image on a website.

Streaming sound

In addition to event sounds, Namo FreeMotion supports streaming sound, which starts playing as soon as enough data for the first few frames has been downloaded. You can choose between  ADPCM and MP3 compression and specify the sample rate and the bit rate.

You can also control audio quality, making it easy to adjust the sample and bit rates.


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