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(November 2007)


When browsing any web page in Internet Explorer, you can save whole web page as BMP, JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF directly with easyWeb2Pic.
What you need to do is just right clicking the web page in IE and save it!

easyWebSave is a powerful IE Add-On to enable you to save whole web page or only the part you selected as MS Word/RTF, Mht(Singe File Web Page), HTML or Plain Text easily and quickly..

Save web page to Mht(Singe File Web Page), MS Word Doc/RTF, HTML or Plain Text directly in IE.
Only Save the Part You Want! Not like any browser saving what you don't want (like advertisement banner, etc) too.
Save mass pages with pre-defined folder, filename and format.
Save multiple pictures just with one click!
Save additional useful information, including Title, URL, Date and Time to document.
Save only HTML Text (no pictures saved to local pc) but still display each image on the web page.
Allow you to keep track of all you have saved with File Name, Date, Title, URL.
Open any saved document/picture by double-click from one location!
And more 

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