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(August 2007)


Use Internet Kiosk Pro to convert your PC into an Internet kiosk or a public access PC.

Internet Kiosk

Set it up to completely disable access to vital files installed on your PC and give full access to all necessary applications users should use. Create a workstation that can be safely used under public environment, where a lot of people have free access to it, but none of them can damage system files or clutter your HDD with garbage. Enable access to any programs installed on your PC including Internet Explorer, mail client and office applications. Internet Kiosk Pro is the best solution for Internet cafes, libraries, information terminals, stand-alone kiosks and for home PC for limiting children activities. Internet Kiosk Pro lets you use several authentication modes to access locked desktop such as username and password authentication, time-locked code to allow users to access workstation for a given period of time only, or a combination of both.

Internet Kiosk Pro has everything you need to get up and running with your own Internet kiosk or a publicly available PC. Here are the top reasons why you should buy Internet Kiosk Pro:
Lock workstations so that only the programs you allow can be executed.
Prevent people from gaining access to your windows environment.
Create shortcuts to different web sites.
Run Internet Explorer in kiosk mode.
Run some shortcuts automatically.
Allow only people who have access to use your workstations.
Possible to issue the time locking codes.
Possible to block most of the functions in the Internet Explorer.
Choose keys to block.
Share one file with usernames across multiple workstations over the net.
Run the program automatically in locked mode in your workstation.
Make the program log in automatically.
Unlock it as administrator with master password quickly and easily.
Here are more details on what these options mean to you and how they can help you use Internet Kiosk Pro:

Lock workstations so that only the programs you allow can be executed - You can lock any PC and allow users access to only one or more programs that you choose. By default, all programs are disabled and you have full control on which programs to enable. You might want to only enable Internet Explorer or one of your specific programs that you use, for example a library may enable it's own library search program.

Prevent people from gaining access to your windows environment - This program is built to make every effort in preventing the users from gaining unauthorized access to your regular Windows environment. Once the user is in locked mode, he stays in the locked mode. You can even set the program so it goes into locked mode by itself right away after the reboot.
Create shortcuts to different web sites - You can create shortcuts to websites that you choose. As many as you like. This is done to make it convenient for users to visit certain sites you want.

Run Internet Explorer in kiosk mode - For any shortcuts you can specify to run the Internet Explorer in kiosk mode. This means it will open up in full screen, without any toolbars (no address bar, task bar and so on) and will look as if it is the only application running. You can create one or all of your shortcuts in this mode. It's your choice.
Run some shortcuts automatically - You can mark Internet shortcuts as executed by default.

This means every time a user logs into the workstation with Internet Kiosk Pro, this program will run by itself.

Allow only people who have access to use your workstations - You have full control on who gets access to your workstations. You can choose to let everybody use your workstations or only the users that you specified with username and password. You can also choose give people a one-time code that is limited in time and can be used only once.

Possible to issue the time locking codes - When you run an Internet cafe, or simply want your users to have access that is limited in time, a perfect way is to issue a time locking code.

It is only valid for a certain period of time and will automatically sign out user and close all his or her programs.

The user will see the time left for him to work on the workstation and a special progress bar that will also visualize it even further.

Possible to block most of the functions in the Internet Explorer - Internet Kiosk Pro has a very easy way to allow or disallow certain functions in Internet Explorer. You can hide or show menus, toolbars, allow or prohibit downloads, hide drives on the disk and so on.

Check the Internet Kiosk Pro trial version to see the big selection.

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