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Clone Remover
Moleskinsoft Clone Remover is a software product that search for duplicate files. It will help you find duplicate files on your computer, including RAR and ZIP archives, for example, image files, music (mp3) files and more. There are five ways to search for duplicate files.

1. Search by contents – files have different name but similar contents. For example, a file containing your photo can be located both in the "C:\My pictures\photographies\" and "D:\Temporary files\" folders. The file names can also be different.

2. Search by mp3 title – you can use this method when you look for music duplicate files. You may know that an mp3 file contains information about the track title, artist and album.
Search by mp3 titles uses this data.

3. Search by properties – you can search for duplicate files by name and/or size.
When the search for duplicate files is finished, the program will show a list of files it has found that you can immediately delete. To make sure the result is correct, you can open the files with some other program or view them with a built-in viewer.

4. Similar images are images (jpg, bmp, png, psd and others) that differ in resolution. Or that have the same sizes, but one of them has a small caption and the other does not.

5. Files with a zero size.
Search for duplicate files
It will help you free space on your computer.
It will save the time you spend on working with the same data.
It will speed up your computer.

Main features

It is possible to find file duplicates only by file names.
Searching for duplicate music files (mp3) by an mp3 tag. It is possible to compare tracks by artist, name, album, year, comment, genre. Or by several tags at a time.
Searching for similar images.
Searching ZIP and RAR archives.
Searching for file duplicates in certain folders. It is also possible to specify folders that should not be searched.
Searching for duplicate files belonging to a certain group: archives, office documents, images, video and music, Internet. Convenient tools for managing search results: deleting, copying, moving found files.
Saving search results to a text file.
Convenient tools for the multiple selection of found files: selecting all files in one specified folder, selecting all files that are duplicate for the specified one. It is possible to pause searching.

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