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(August 2007)



FlvPlayer4Free is a greatly improved solution that allows even the most demanding users to easily play their favourite FLV files in the hard disk or from internet. It doesn’t require the Flash authoring tool and it offers attractive and useful functions as:

- Drag & Drop: drag your FLV file and drop it into FLVPlayer4free main window
- Save frame as image (JPG, PNG, BMP)
- Multi language: easily create/turn into your language
- Full Screen for a wider image
- Fully Resizable window
- Always on top to keep an eye on it anytime
- Handy volume commands and mute option
- Remember last settings
- Auto hide control and mouse cursor on full screen
- FLV Association
- Useful autoplay and autorepeat
- Practical Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast forward and Seeking bar buttons
- Elapsed and total time always displayed to keep them under control
- Multi instance which allows you to run muliple FLV files at the same time
- FLV information always available

All these features make FLVPlayer4Free an enjoyable freeware application that ensures high-quality results for your FLV files.

Open FLV file - open FLV files
Open FLV URL - play any FLV from internet by just stating an url
FLV Info - show FLV file general information as total time, size…
Original Size - resize the player according to the original size of FLV
Full Screen - get a wider full-screen image
Always On Top - get your FLV always visible
Mute - remove the output sound with FLV played normally
Repeat - replay current FLV
Language - select from listed languages
CREATE / SEND NEW LANGUAGE - turn into a different language and send it to provide a greater choice
Associate FLVPlayer4Free with "*.FLV" files - always play Windows "FLV" files with FLVPlayer4Free
Check For Updates - on-line detect new versions of FLVPlayer4Free
Automatically Check For Updates - activate/inactivate automatic detection of new versions of FLVPlayer4Free


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Size: ~MB

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