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(October 2006)FXHome Effects lab Pro




FX Home Effects Lab Pro 1.3

Create mind-blowing, top-quality effects sequences that will give your productions the edge!

EffectsLab provides the fastest, easiest and most affordable visual effects on the planet. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, EffectsLab offers essential tools that will transform your movies and astound your audiences.

Perfect for filmmakers looking to take the next step, EffectsLab Pro offers full High Definition support, finer animation control and extra filters. The best tools for the best movies.

Generate incredible special effects
Unleash your imagination and creativity with EffectsLab's effects engines. Each is capable of generating hundreds of unique visual effects, designed specifically to suit your movie project. Choose from instant presets or design your own custom effects - you have complete control.

Particle engine
Incredibly versatile and powerful, the EffectsLab particle engine can create thousands of different animated effects, from smoke and dust to weather, magical energy, bullet impacts, fireballs - the list is endless!
With even more control over particle animation, Pro users can can take advantage of smooth tweening for more realistic and natural movement.

Neon light
Create incredible laser beams, classic sci-fi lightswords and amazing neon lighting using this versatile tool. Draw and animate shapes directly onto the screen, with full control over colours and glow.

Composite filters
Apply exciting manipulation filters for dynamic visuals. Displacement map technology distorts video to create camouflage, heat haze, bullet trails etc while Gleam shines brilliant light rays through your movie.

Muzzle flash
There's no longer any need for expensive guns that fire blanks - instead enhance your action sequences with the best muzzle flash generator on the planet! Create photo-realistic, three-dimensional muzzle flashes for any type of weaponry.

Increase the realism with automatic muzzle glow that emanates from the gun barrel. Easily creates the illusion of the muzzle flash lighting up the actors and set.

Design special lens flares and artificial light sources to enhance your cinematography. The hugely flexible interface can be used to create flares for any type of lens or photographic style.

Make your optics even more realistic with smooth tweening, resulting in a more natural, flowing movement.

Powerful image filters
EffectsLab's range of filters to easily manipulate the appearance of your effects. match them seamlessly to your background footage and add an extra layer of realism.

Create multiple freehand masks for complete control of your scene. Incredibly fast and easy to use, masks can be animated using vertex control points for ultimate flexibility.

Enhance your effects using a selection of high quality blur filters.
Make use of even more filters to simulate motion blur, depth of field and enhanced zoom and radial blurring.

Color grading
Tweak the visual palette of your effects to create a convincing and realistic visual effects shot.

Benefit from extra filters for even greater control over the appearance of your visual effects.

Alter the shape of your video and effects using an inventive variety of twirls, waves and ripples.

The Charger interface
EffectsLab is powered by our Charger interface design. Created with speed, ease-of-use and power as the three core principles, the interface is ideal for both beginners and experts.

High definition support
EffectsLab Pro fully supports High Definition filmmakers. Take advantage of the latest in video technology by choosing the Pro option.

Preset library
The ever-growing preset library provides quick access to a vast range of pre-designed visual effects that can be applied with a couple of mouse clicks, while still allowing full and precise customisation. Create and share your own presets with users around the world.

Alpha rendering
Full alpha export rendering of individual layers is available for Pro users needing complete flexibility between applications.

Media support & stock footage
Combine light-based (explosions, flame etc) and alpha channel (3D renders etc) stock footage with your generated effects. Support for video, still images and image sequences.
Benefit from improved animation of stock footage using smooth tweening for a more realistic and natural movement.

Keyframe animation
The EffectsLab timeline provides full information about your project with easy keyframe control of every attribute.



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