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(December 2006)InterVideo WinDVD Media Center

InterVideo WinDVD Media Center

Connect & Play Your Multimedia at Home

Slick Interface & Design

Home Entertainment for Everyone Seamless Home Network

Movie & Data Backups

WinDVD Media Center is a software network media player for DVDs, video, music and photos. Seamlessly connect PCs, laptops, PDAs and mobile phones over a UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) home network, and view and burn your videos and data to CDs and DVDs.
What is UPnP?

Universal Plug and Play makes home networking child's play. Simply connect PCs, mobile phones, PDAs and other digital devices, using the Web to share video, photos, music and more in and around the home.
Slick Interface & Design
Ease-of-use combined with style! Enjoy the clear and intuitive full-screen interface of WinDVD Media Center powered by Direct3D. The translucent soft-fading menu effects of the interface make this software visually very pleasing and fun to use.

Home Entertainment for Everyone
Relive the good times and create new ones!

Watch DVD movies, video clips from the Internet, home videos, and slideshows with transition effects, rip CDs to the hard drive and listen to your favorite music.

Seamless Home Network

Effortlessly connect your living room

Media Center PC to your office media files. Browse & play music, picture, and video files through shared UPnP home media networking.

Movie & Data Backups
Never fear that possible computer crash. Back up your favorite videos and important personal data to DVD or CD. With 28 types of menus for your DVD videos, you can give your home movies that professional touch.
This is a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) CERTIFIED™ Product

DLNA has created industry design guidelines for networked entertainment and mobile devices to effortlessly manage, acquire, store, access, view and share digital media almost anywhere in the home.

» Review InterVideo WinDVD 8 Platinum

InterVideo WinDVDThe World's #1 DVD and Video Playback Software!
Breathtaking Quality Video
Plays All Formats - HD Ready
Windows Vista™ Ready
Home Theater Surround Sound
Fun Extras: Boss Key, Color Themes, and more!

Flash Demo

InterVideo® WinDVD® 8
The world's #1 DVD and video playback software, with over 175 million copies sold worldwide. Enjoy crystal-clear, smooth playback of your standard and High-Def video and audio. Whether you're a movie buff, frequent flyer, or just like to watch video clips, WinDVD 8 gives you the best digital entertainment experience. Extend the power of
your WinDVD

WinDVD Remote Control

Great Video, Wherever You Are!

Home Cinema -
The Windows Media Center era is here
Watch DVDs or video files on your big-screen HDTV with immersive surround sound.
Customize playback with rich audio and video effects.
Stream content through UPnP home networks.

Upgrade to HD DVD/Blu-ray Disc support with a separate plug-in.
Desktop -
No format worries
Play movies or video clips in all popular formats.
Enjoy virtual surround sound from just two speakers, or headphones.
Match the color of the player with your desktop theme.
Instantly pause and hide your movie with the Boss Key!
Laptop -
Play video clips or DVDs on the go
Optimize battery life with power-saving features.
Adjust screen brightness for best viewing in any environment
Smoothly speed up playback to match your flight time with TimeStretch - so you don't miss the ending!!

Spellbinding Playback Quality
Top Video Technologies - Intel® Clear Video™, nVidia® PureVideo™, TrimensionDNM video processing

Video Effects - Cinema Enhancement, Sharpness, and more!

SmartStretch - Stretch your 4:3 home movies to widescreen!

Audio Effects - Put yourself in a Broadway theater, or select "Midnight" audio setting so you don't bother the neighbors. Set up speakers or headphones just the way you like!
Universal Format Support
The Latest in High-Definition Video:
H.264, VC-1, HDV, MPEG 2 HD (1080i & 720p), WMV-HD
The Widest Range in Standard Definition Video:
DVD-Video, DivX® 6 Pro, Real® Player, 3GPP, QuickTime®, Windows Media, AVI, MPEG 4

The Most Dynamic Audio:

Dolby® Digital EX, Dolby® Pro Logic IIx, Dolby® Headphone, DTS 2.0, WAV, WMA, MP3, MPEG-4, non-protected iTunes

Top Technologies:
UPnP Client and Server, IVI Hall Effect, IVI Headphone Surround.

HD DVD and Blu-ray Playback Support

Can be purchased separately

Fun Extras
Boss Key:
Now you see it, now you don't! One click pops the player out of the way.

Color Themes:
Personalize the look of your player to match your mood or your desktop.

Audio Effects:
Put yourself in a Broadway Theater or other space. Select "Midnight" setting so you don't bother the neighbors. Set up speakers or headphones just the way you like.
Instant Replay:

Jump back to the line you missed, or catch that action sequence again!

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