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(February 2007)Screensaver Builder


Screensaver Builder is a powerful screensaver software lets you create, compile and distribute screen savers for Windows.

Screensaver Builder supports Shockwave Flash, Image Slide Shows (JPEG, BMP, PSD, TIF - no GIF support) and movies (Mpeg, MOV, AVI..). A step-by-step interface allows you to select the media to include, then choose from various options and more than 100 transition effects that can be applied to your images. With Screensaver Builder you can also use any any MIDI, MP3, WAV or WMA file as background music. The result can be saved as a regular screensaver file or as standalone .EXE file that can be used for presentations. If you purchase the optional Standard or Advanced version of the product you have also access to additional features, such as creation of standalone installers, shareware-style screensavers, internet banner display and more.

Screensaver Builder Features :

The PERSONAL Edition is a great way to create Screensavers for yourself, friends, or family. (for private or non-commercial use)

The STANDARD Edition is the perfect way to create Screensavers for free or resale distribution. Create screen savers for advertisement, promoting your business or organization etc...(for commercial, non-commercial or private use)

The PROFESSIONAL Edition includes about info customization, installation customization and resale features. Create screensavers to promote your business or organization. (for commercial, corporate, government, non-commercial or private use)

Screensaver Builder lets you create screensavers based on Shockwave Flash (no limit to your imagination!), Image Slide Shows (display your favorite photos) and Movies (Mpeg, AVI...). You can make screen saver for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003. Several options are available: More Files

Support; MIDI, MP3, WAV, WMA Background music support; Transition Effect support, and more...

Create Shockwave Flash Screensavers
Now you can create limitless screen savers using Macromedia Shockwave Flash. The popular Web animation format lets you to create beautiful and powerful vector animations with sounds, collision detection, text effects and more.... You can also create screen savers that allow the user interact with. Why don't create a tic-tac-toe screen saver or a small video game? Now, all is possible with Flash. specify many parameters (random position, mouse option, size and more...)

Create Slide Show Screensavers
You've got photos of your vacations, children or simply nature screen? Now you can create a slideshow based screen saver in a few minutes and specify many parameters (adjust time delay between images, add Using Background and more...). Customize the screen saver transition effect(run period, pick the 127 transition effect), add one or more background music, use image Background and more...

Create Movie Screensavers
Now you can create movie screen saver in a few minutes , specify many parameters (size, mute sound, motion). All the popular file formats are supported: AVI, MPG, ASF, MOV, RM and more.

Media format Supported
BMP (Windows), JPG (JPEG), PSD (Photoshop), TIF (TIFF), SWF (Shockwave Flash), MP3 (MPEG Layer 3), MIDI/RMI (MIDI Music), WAV (Windows WAVE), WMA (Windows Media Audio), ASF (Netshow movie), AVI (Windows video), MOV(QuickTime video), MPG (MPEG I video), WMV(Windows Media Player Video), Real Movie(*.rm, *.ram). These files formats can be added to screensavers.

Distribution of Screensaver
Create single compressed self installing screensaver setup file that can be emailed or downloaded from a website. Automatic setup/uninstall.Install and configure directly into Windows Control Panel.
Unlimited Royalty-Free Distribution
No hassles. No hidden costs. You can distribute, and even sell, an unlimited number of copies of the screensavers you create.

Support Bitmap splash screen.

Several Background options
Solid, gradient, bitmap, original screen...

Display the caption each media.

Create Project Screensaver on the current Computer.

Project Save/Load
You can save and re-open your screensaver project. All settings are modifiable.

Static or Live Preview
Your screen saver can display a static (single image) or live preview when it appears in the Windows

Display Properties Dialog Box.

Plus!-style Features
Set the Mouse-Event or Keyboard-Event to exit the Screensaver.

Installation Program
Enable Customize Background. (eg. Title, Gradient color).

Advance Key Features (available in the Standard / Professional Editions)
Add a Banner link to your web site (URL) at the top of dialog box to Screensaver.

Installation License
Allow add user license agreement and readme text.

Unlockable/Try & Buy
Create unlockable 'Try & Buy' screen savers that convert into the full version when you provide the user with an unlock code. Use unique unlock codes for each user, or use one unlock code for all users. You can even include content (advertising, sales material, etc.) that disappears after a screen saver is unlocked.

Advance Key Features (Only available in the Pro)

Edit your own personal message in the settings dialog box.

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Size: 3.3MB

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