Comodo Internet Security Review

Comodo Internet Security is a unique combination of a firewall and an antivirus program, all bundled into one neat package. This essentially means that a user can control both these functions from a single control panel, instead of managing multiple applications.

Comodo is a Network Product Work Hot Companies Awards 2009 finalist and their latest product, Comodo Internet Security, is a no-cost full security package, incorporating an antivirus program with a firewall, and a strong customizable defence system called Defense+.

Comodo Internet Security is available in Free and Pro versions. But The Free version will probably meet most people’s needs.


Comodo Internet Security is a strong contender because of its excellent firewall. The antivirus catches malware that slips through other antivirus programs, however sometimes manages to miss the ones that the others catch. That said, it’s almost certainly good enough to stop any malware that you’re likely to encounter in the wild – and that’s what really counts. Additionally, while Defense+ is brilliant in theory, in execution it tends to be overly sensitive and actually hinders the user experience on the computer. It can be programmed to be more lenient, however it is doesn’t have the capability to learn behaviours, making it irritating and cumbersome.

Whether you’re looking for protection for a new PC or an unhappy AVG user looking for an alternative, you should definitely check out Comodo Internet Security. Despite some minor shortcomings, it’s certainly a great choice for people looking for easy-to-use, no-cost protection for their PCs.

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