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What Handy Password Is?
Handy Password is a multifunctional password manager, combined with bookmark manager.

Handy Password Manager Features

Here is the list of Handy Password Manager features - a short review of them.

Autosave Function: This function allows you to save data, which you have entered into site web-forms (logins, passwords, etc.).

Automatic Login Function: Handy Password automatically fills forms with information was saved once.

Handy Password - Firefox and IE Toolbar: With Handy Password toolbar you can manage passwords&logins through Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Search Bar in Handy Password Toolbar: Allows you to search in different search engines by one search box.

Bookmark Manager: Handy Password is not only a password manager, but also a bookmark manager. It allows to login to site just by pressing a bookmark.

Data Protection with Handy Password: Different methods of your personal data protection in Handy Password, including 128-bit encryption algorithm and auto-lock protection.

Built-in Password Generator: You can create a lot of passwords not by yourself, but by strong random password generator.

More Useful Features of Handy Password Manager:

Templates for storing information: The basic information for keeping and protecting by Handy Password may be filled in special templates.

Systematization of personal information into groups for easy data operating: You can create folders in the folders tree and move the cards with your data between folders.

Clear fields featurenew!: Allows clearing web form fields in one click.

Drag&drop function: For filling long registration and checkout forms.

Ability to use Handy Password for more than one account: You can create Cards Files with your personal data inaccessible for other people.

Searching for saved information by keywords: Finding any card details by a single word.

Hot keyboard keys: You can manage Handy Password on Internet Explorer/Firefox by means of keyboard.

Personal data printing.

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