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(October 2006)





Web Password Wizard

Password protect web page in just few clicks!
No need to learn complicated perl, php, ASP and Web database, no need to learn encryption algorithms, no need to write a piece of CGI script, Web Password Wizard will guide you password protect web page, html page and whole web site in just a few clicks!

Web Password Wizard Features :

Password protect HTML files in just a few clicks!

Manage more than 100 user groups and more than 1000 users in each group.
Each user group has its own rights to HTML files.
After login, users belong to different groups will be led to different web pages.

Supports all kinds of web servers, does not require CGI, ASP, PHP, Web DB support or any special web software.
Strong encryption algorithms to provide best security.

Encrypt HTML source code.

Easy to use wizard style interface.


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