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(October 2006)OraEdit PRO Ver. 4.0.2

OraEdit PRO

Development Environment for Oracle PLSQL code, includes features like debugger, code completion, version control interface, and many more.

OraEdit PRO Important Features:

Automatic Code-Completion
Function/Procedure prototype tips
Keyword and object tips
Execution of Objects
Enable/Disable of Triggers
Full blown debugger
Table Browser (data)
SQL Worksheets
Auto-compilation of dependencies with debug information
Interface to your favorite Source Control system
User-definable keywords
Syntax coloring
Search in database
Compare objects within the same and other databases
Multiple database editing simultaneously
Workspace management
Export source code/generate sql scripts
Compile all invalid objects
Object templates for easy creation of new objects
Favorites menu to quickly access objects

OraEdit PRO Additional Highlights:

As you type OraEdit PRO will suggest words that match what you are typing.

When accessing a table/view, OraEdit PRO will provide a list with available fields.

Automatic generation of anonymous blocks for executing or debugging purposes.

Debugger with step into, step out of, step over, run and breakpoint support.

Unlike other tools, breakpoints can be set long before execution and will persist through debugging sessions.

While debugging, just "hover" over a variable and see a tip with the current value.
You can define your own keywords for OraEdit PRO to suggest as you type.

OraEdit PRO can display all available functions/procedures within a package for easy access, even if they are not defined in the package header.

Automatically toggle from error to error while highlighting "offender" \

After searching database, click on the results and it opens the object on the correct line.

Compare objects in different databases, even files.
If any database gets disconnected, it will connect back without "bugging" you.

Get notified when someone else changes the same code you are editing, thus preventing overwriting others code.

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Size : 2.5 MB

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