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(October 2006)


Undelete On Click 1.0

UndeleteOnClick is a very simple to use file undelete utility for Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003.
Any type of file can be undeleted / unerased, including NTFS compressed & NTFS encrypted files.
UndeleteOnClick can undelete files from any NTFS or FAT (FAT 12, 16, 32) drives, including: hard drives (internal and external); floppy disks; flash cards; Smart Media (SM); SONY Memory Sticks; IBM Micro Drives; Multimedia Cards (MMC); Secure Digital Cards (SD); Zip disks etc.
What UndeleteOnClick can do
Recover deleted files and directories from NTFS, and FAT 12, 16, 32 drives.
Recover compressed (NTFS based) files.
Recover encrypted files on NTFS drives.
Recover alternate data streams (ADS).
Restores using the correct creation & modification date & times.
Very fast MFT and FAT scanning algorithm, fast file undelete.
Undelete files on any valid logical drive visible by Windows.
Fully Unicode enabled so filenames in any language can be undeleted.
Fits on a floppy disk.
Program Controls, Options, and Features
Warns when an attempt is made to delete an existing file.
Enable/disable drag and drop support.
Define the character to use when the first character of a DOS name is missing.
Choose drive.
Undelete selected files.
Undelete multiple files or an entire folder in one go.
Simple Explorer like interface.
Filter by "Files must be smaller than or equal to".
Filter by "Files must be larger than or equal to".
Filter by "Files must have been modified on or after".
Filter by "Files must have been modified on or before".
Filter by "Show files with these file extensions".
Filter by "Do not show files with these file extensions".
Sort by by Extension; DOS Filename; Size (bytes); Attributes; Date Created; Date Modified; Date Accessed.
Onboard step by step help and FAQs.

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