iPad Template for Blogger

Do you like apple ipad? and would you like to display google adsense on your blog? That’s right, you find a template that optimized for adsense with 3 columns and designed like iPad device!

You can download, extract and upload to your blogspot dashboard and Enjoy your new blog design.

Update: search box, top sidebar,  search bug fixed
Tested on: Firefox 2.6, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8

Type: XML (Blogspot)
Size: about 20KB
3 Columns, fixed width,
Demo: Top ipad Reviews
Download: iPad Template

Category:3columns, computer and devices
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7 Responses to “iPad Template for Blogger”

  1. Thank you for Posting & I got to read nice information on your site.

  2. Anderson says:

    very nice theme.already download

  3. really dear, this template can not I wear. There was an error in your template

  4. latipz says:

    template is nice, but whether there is a slideshow?

  5. valentine says:

    how to i download it on my dashboard,
    what are the steps???

  6. Fredy says:

    Thank you for posting, nice information

  7. hendsoe says:

    Content is not allowed in prolog….

    what this meaning ?

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