Top Themes for MyBB 1.4

This is a collection of best mybb themes for June. MyBB is a free bulletin board system software package developed by the MyBB group. all these themes are free too. we are going to find and introduce top templates of all designers for forums and bulletin boards here every months.

1. N.Design [Download]

Originally a phpBB style created by N.Design Studio, this theme has been converted to a MyBB theme. It has a striking look and a few interesting features. The header comes with 10 different random header images. They can also be switched out for your own images or replaced with a static header.

2. [K]Vector [Download]

A bright and colourful fixed width MyBB theme. Light yellow and brown colours with rounded corners.

3. Realize [Download]

Realize is a clean and sophisticated theme. It uses special Webkit and Mozilla CSS to draw the rounded corners and drop shadows. They’ll show up in Safari, Chrome and Firefox, but degrade nicely in Internet Explorer.

4. Novus Clover [Download]

A brilliant light fixed width MyBB theme. White and green colours with rounded corners

5. PowerGreen [Download]

A dark green theme for MyBB. Clean, fixed width layout with table based layout

6. Aardvark [Download]

Aardvark has a modern, minimalist design that carries over elements of Dark Intentions, N.Design and other popular MyBB themes. That said, it has a style all its own and some neat new features built in. For example, the semi-glossy header text is generated with CSS. The buttons are also text based, so there is absolutely no Photoshopping necessary.

7. Peace blue [Download]

A clean and glossy “Web 2.0″ MyBB theme. Fluid width, table layout with blue and grey colors.

8. FC INTER [Download]

This is a theme for an italian team called INTER and  is a modification of the Gamer theme.

9. Lite Blue Rounded [Download]

All PSD and Font files for this theme are included in the zip archive.

10. Dark Intentions [Download]

Based on K2 for WordPress, Dark Intentions is a unique MyBB theme. It features a large header that’s perfect for panoramic header images. This minimalist theme will receive some more work when updated to MyBB 1.4.

11. 1st sense [Download]

This is our first template for mybb. It has dark header but theme is based on green and gray with rounded corners and box shadow.

1st sense

It’s a very professional theme for Mybb 1.6, simple, clear, fast loading and css3 validated. Enjoy.

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  4. Vikas says:

    hi first thanks for your great themes I am using your 1st-sense theme on my forum but the problem is the quick reply thing is not working properly can u please help me.When I do a quick reply it keeps on showing the loading please wait thing the page so I’ve to manually refresh the page to do the reply can u please fix it and I have tried it with the default mybb theme and it works perfectly but with 1st-sense its not working WHY ? :(

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