Mambo Template

We offer you a free sample of Mambo template so you could try it out before purchasing our commercial Mambo templates. Our templates are of premium design, easy in use and installation. We hope that you will get back to use to buy one of them after trying this free Mambo template.

Template name: Mambo
Size: 2.34 MB
Type: Website template for educational purposes
Best quality, Tested on IE, Firefox and Chrome

Publisher: Template-help

Category:website templates
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  1. abel ivana says:

    good templates…

  2. Nai says:

    Very beautiful…^_^
    Thank U

  3. Leon says:

    Thanks very good templates! !

  4. Sukarim says:

    I like this template …,

    greetings from my SUKARIM
    Learn to Make My Website

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